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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide the entire range of M&A services including helping companies create an initial growth strategy, deal sourcing and origination, screening and prioritizing candidates, approaching targets at the appropriate “C” level, valuations, preparing offers, assist in negotiations and due diligence, prepare presentations for senior management and board approval, and assist in executing post-merger value creation strategies (including roll-ups/consolidations and expanding into adjacent products and markets).

MBL Capital Advisors provides investment banking services enabling our clients to achieve their strategic and financial goals, including the realization of liquidity, divestiture of business assets, or the attainment of a key partner for strategic growth.

Leveraging on a vast network of local and international investors, we are highly proficient in creating markets for privately-held companies as a means to achieve shareholder designs based on value, strategic/cultural fit, liquidity or other transaction objectives.

Our scope of services can include a well-structured, strict sales procedure comprised of marketing preparation (including handling documentation flow, populating dataroom, etc.), coordination of the bidding process, due diligence and negotiation support.

Acquiring companies in a highly competitive M&A environment can be time consuming and costly without the right team of advisors. Our team of M&A advisors will identify, evaluate and execute proprietary deals that will expand your business. As part of our buy-side mandate and based on your investment criteria, our team will:

  • Identify and screen potential acquisition targets
  • Prepare letters of intent and related documents
  • Coordinate financial and operational due diligence
  • Advise on deal structure
  • Assist with financial modeling and securing financing for the transaction
  • Negotiate deal terms and assist with closing
  • Assist with post-deal integration issues and activities

You can expand your business by joining forces with another business. While this can create more shared decision-making and possible management and staff issues to resolve, there can be clear advantages. Successful co-operation can deliver:

  • More resources
  • Sharing of the managerial load
  • Larger skills and talent base
  • Bigger pool of contacts
  • Increase in markets
  • Diversification and organic growth using increased resources
  • Reduced commercial risk

Partnerships and Joint Ventures

Partnerships and joint ventures can offer both partners significant benefits, including sharing experience, skills, people, equipment and customer bases. Through a partnership or joint venture arrangement with a complementary, non-competitive business, you may be able to open new markets or improve your offer to existing ones. It’s important to be very careful who you link up with. An agreement defining the terms of the partnership or joint venture is essential. Teaming up must be a win-win situation for both parties. Businesses involved with complementary activities or skills are usually the most appropriate candidates.